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Customer Management
How do I email all of my customers from TeamUp?
How to resend an invitation to a customer
Add a payment method to a monthly membership for your customer
How can I change the day my customer's recurring membership is billed on?
Delete a customer profile
How to put a customer's membership on hold
Adjust an upcoming payment for a customer
Upgrade or downgrade a membership on behalf of a customer
Add a membership and change the start date
How to remove a discount code from a customer's membership
🎥 Editing, cancelling, and deleting recurring class reservations (w/ VIDEO)
Make a recurring reservation from a customer profile
Cancelling a membership on behalf of your customer
Adjust the account credit amount on a customer's profile
Setting your New Customer criteria
Add a Customer
Registering a customer for a class
Adding a family member to an existing profile
Setting your Slipping Away customer criteria
Adjusting the billing date on a customer's monthly membership
Customise membership usage limits for a specific customer
Adding an image to a customer's profile
How can I make a partial refund on a customer's payment?
How to merge customer accounts
Overriding payment method defaults for individual customers
Record a class usage against a customer's class pack
FAQ: How to export customer marketing preferences
How to upload a customer's vaccination certificate to TeamUp
🎥 Add a membership on behalf of a customer (w/ VIDEO)
How to change or remove a payment method from a customer's recurring membership
Is it possible to undelete a deleted customer profile?
Apply a discount code to new customers only
Add an account credit to a customer profile
Setting your Inactive Customer criteria
How to track and action no shows
How to flag issues on a customer profile
How to add multiple registrations to a customer's profile
How to set up and manage customer check-ins
How to block members from booking sessions
What is 'credit from past subscription'?