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Adding a family member to an existing profile
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You will first need to create a family if you haven't already done so. Creating a family will allow a family manager to make bookings and purchases on behalf of any family member.

If you need to update your family settings or remove the family functionality entirely, please see this guide.

To create a family head into an existing profile and click on ‘A new family’ from the customers family tab.

You will be prompted to input a name for the family.

Once done you can add other family members by clicking on 'Details', and then 'Add Member'.

Tip. You can also add multiple family managers if there is more than one person who needs to manage the family.

Then search for the existing profile, and add to the family.

You will also be able to add a customer who isn't yet in your database yet.

Once completed, you can add memberships and register this family member for your events as you would any other customer.

The family manager will now be able to manage bookings for their family, from the customer side.

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Did this answer your question?