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How to upload a customer's vaccination certificate to TeamUp
How to upload a customer's vaccination certificate to TeamUp
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While it's not possible to upload documents directly to TeamUp, it is possible to record this information on the customer profile.


To get started you'll need:

  1. A custom field that is visible on the customer profile. This field will be used to add the URL where each customer's certificate is hosted (this field will only be visible from the business side, not the customer side, as seen below). See this guide for steps on how to add a customer profile field.

    Vaccination certificate custom field on the customer profile
  2. A hosting platform, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, where you can upload your customers' certificates.

How to record a customer's certificate

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Ask your customer to submit a copy of the certificate. Once you have the document, you'll need to upload it to your hosting platform. Alternatively, you can ask customers to upload the document to your hosting platform directly.

  2. Copy the document's URL on your hosting platform and add it to the field on the customer's profile. For help editing fields on the customer profile, please see How to complete fields on the customer profile.

  3. Mark the customer's vaccination status as recorded (optional). If you'd like to check the customer's vaccination card submission status without having to go into their profile - for example, you'd like to be able to see this from the class attendee list or from the Customer List, as seen below - you can add an important note via the 'Issues' tab on the customer profile.

How to get a report of who's submitted their vaccination card

Do you need to generate a report to see who's submitted their vaccination certificate?

You can do this by exporting the Customer List (Customers >> Customer List >> click 'Export filtered list - CSV/Excel') and opening the file in Excel or Numbers.

From the spreadsheet, you'll be able to filter by the custom field as needed (for example, you would filter this column in the spreadsheet by "blank" to get a list of customers that haven't submitted their certificate).

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