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How to track and action no shows
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There are some great ways the system can help you do this.

Track who is not showing up to classes

Send a pre-class reminder email

How about sending a quick prompt before the class starts, reminding customers to unregister if they can no longer attend?

Send an automated email to customers who no show

For instance, you could send customers an automated email when they no show. See the below guide for where to head to do this.

Note. You'll need to set up a post-class trigger sent to no-shows only.

Add a fee to the customer's membership

Maybe you want to fine customers for no showing over a certain number of times.

For class packs you could subtract some of their usage:

Freeze the customer's membership

Freeze the customer's membership for a short period of time. This will prevent any class bookings during this period.

Reduce the membership limits

We often hear that customers with unlimited classes are repeat offenders, given they don't lose any class credits if they don't show up.

How about reducing the unlimited sessions to a weekly limit? This can help create more urgency to attend or unregister, which ensures the customer gets their class credit back.

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