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FAQ: How to export customer marketing preferences
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Marketing preferences allow you to collect an opt-in/out marketing choice from your customers.

Here is a quick run-through on how to set that up.

You can then decide who to send marketing to based on the response given.

There are a couple of ways to export your marketing preference alongside customer contact information.

1. Export to CSV / Excel from Customers >> Export Filtered List >> Export to CSV /Excel

From here just ensure you have the Marketing Preference checkbox ticked, along with any other values required and Export to CSV when you're happy with your selection.

2. Export to MailChimp from Customers >> Export Filtered List >> Export to MailChimp

You can export to your MailChimp account based on customer responses to your marketing preference.

Tip. Use the Double opt-in feature if you'd like MailChimp to send an email to customers confirming their subscription to the mailing list. Customers must click a link in that email to confirm their subscription.

Now choose the fields you would like to export along with your marketing preference above, and 'Export Customers to MailChimp' when you're ready.

3. Export your Customer Field Change Report from Customers >> Reports >> Customer Field Changes

Here you can view and export any changes made by customers to marketing preferences.

You'll be able to filter by customer name if required, select the desired field (in this case marketing preferences) and select a time period you want to see the changes.

Get a complete overview of what has changed and when, and download as CSV for further analysis.

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Did this answer your question?