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Add an account credit to a customer profile
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You can add account credit via a customer's profile. Here's a breakdown of how it's used:

  • The account credit can be applied manually by the customer when they complete a purchase.

  • If the customer owns a recurring membership, the account credit will be used against the next bill/s automatically.

    • Credit is not applied to the first payment of a recurring membership automatically. The customer will need to apply this manually when they complete the purchase.

  • The credit can be used in full or can be split to use across multiple purchases.

The steps

Navigate your way to Customers>> select the customer you would like to add credit to.
Click on the "Payments" tab, and then click "Add" next to Account Credits:

Now add a memo for the credit, and then the credit amount.

Click "Save" once you're done here.

For this example, the customer now has £20 account credit to use on future purchase/s.

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