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Registering a customer for a class
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You can quickly add customers to classes* who don't book ahead of time. Go to your Calendar and select the class you wish to record attendance for.

*If you're looking to schedule an appointment for a client, see Scheduling an Appointment for a client.
On the class detail page, under 'Add Customer,' search and select the customer you wish to add to the class or click 'Create a new customer' if they don't have a TeamUp account yet.

Add an existing customer

In the next step, you'll be able to see if your customer has completed the necessary forms in order to register for this class. You can register them for the class regardless, but the customer will still need to complete the form/s when they book a class from the customer site.

You will be prompted to choose the payment method for this registration:

  • The customer's membership. You will be able to register customers holding valid memberships instantly.

The popup will also display information about the customer's inactive memberships:

  • Pay drop-in fee. If the customer needs to pay a drop-in fee, click this option. You will be redirected to a complete registration page where you will have the option to specify a drop in fee and enter a discount code if applicable.

  • Register for free. If the customer shouldn't be charged a monetary value or class credit for the registration, select this option.

  • Purchase a new membership. Select this option if the customer needs to hold a valid membership to register. You'll be asked to select the membership in the next step. Once added, the customer will be booked into the class automatically.

  • Begin a recurring reservation. You can also choose to book the customer in for this session, and all upcoming ones in this time slot, via a recurring reservation. In the next step, you'll be asked to create the reservation. If the customer doesn't yet have a membership, the system will also prompt you to add one for them.

Add a new customer

To register a customer who doesn't yet have a TeamUp account, click the 'Create a new customer' button.

You will be prompted to enter the customer's details and a referral code if applicable. Once done, they will be added to the class instantly.

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Did this answer your question?