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How do I email all of my customers from TeamUp?
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Your customer export options allow you to contact your customers in a variety of ways.

These export options can be found in the customer section of your account, by clicking the export filtered list option.


Tip. Updating the filter options will pre-define what type of customer it is you'll be exporting. As seen below.


You have a few options to choose from when it comes to exporting:

1. Export all customers to a CSV/Excel file, and extract their email addresses from the generated file.

2. Export all your customers to your Mailchimp account, and email from there.

Note. If you do not have a Mailchimp account, you can sign up for free.


3. Export all your customers to your Constant Contact, and email from there.

As an example, if you're looking to email ALL of your customers in your account head to your customer list, filter status to 'All Customers' and then select to export the filtered list for all 3 options mentioned above.


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