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How to flag issues on a customer profile
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From time to time you might want to add notes to a customer's profile to keep track of a health issue or add a note for your staff to see.

The 'Issues' tab on the customer profile (Customers >> Customer List >> search customer >> click customer) allows you to create these notes.

Note. only staff on the business side will be able to see these notes, customers will never see them from their end.

To create an issue, click 'New Issue' and select the desired type.

Any General Notes marked as 'Important', Medical Issues marked as 'Chronic' or 'Acute', and Allergies marked as 'Severe' will appear under the customer's name once saved. You'll be able to see this from:

  • The customer's profile.

  • The class detail page. Head to Calendar >> click a class >> 'Attendees'.

Note: each issue type has its own statuses and each status has an importance. Different rules will be applied to cases based on the importance of the case's status:

  • Flag on Profiles: The customer's profile will be flagged on class lists with a link to the case.

  • Normal: The case will remain active and available on the customer's profile, but no special attention will be given to it.

  • Consider the case closed: The case will be considered closed (resolved).

You can edit these status options to suit your needs from Settings >> Customers >> Issue types >> click desired issue type.

Issues can be edited or cleared as needed. To make changes to an issue, click the 'Issues' tab >> click the desired issue >> click 'Update Issue' >> change the status and/or add a note, and save.

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