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How to block members from booking sessions
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The 'Block Customer' functionality allows you to instantly block members from booking classes, appointments, and courses. Blocked customers can still purchase memberships and store items while blocked.

💡Please note that blocking a customer will not remove them from any previously booked classes.

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❗️The 'Block Customer' functionality only stops customers from booking sessions. If you need to put a customer's membership on hold for a period of time, e.g., they're going on holiday, have an injury, etc., we recommend putting their membership on hold, as this will stop their billing and block their bookings. Learn more about holds here.

How to block a customer

To block a customer from booking, head to Customers >> Customer List >> click a customer >> click the 'Block Customer' button.

In the modal, click 'Block'.

Once done, the customer will show as blocked on their profile, and they won't be able to make any bookings until they are unblocked by a member of staff.

Where can I see my blocked customers?

On the Customer List

The 🚫 label will also be added to blocked customers on the Customer List :

On the Class Detail page

Blocked customers will show a 'Registrations blocked' label under their name on the Class Detail page (Calendar >> click a class).

Your staff will also be able to see if a customer is blocked when registering them for a class from the business side.

Viewing a blocked customer upo n customer add on the class detail page in TeamUp.

In the All Customers Report

Blocked customers will also be flagged in the All Customers Report, as seen below.

💡The block is only applied to registrations coming from the Customer Site. Even if a customer is blocked, you will be able to override this and add them to a session from the business side.

How to unblock a customer

To unblock a customer, click the 'Unblock Customer' button on their profile.


What happens to any registrations the customer has already booked?

This feature currently only blocks new registrations. Existing registrations will remain in place and should be removed manually if desired.

What do blocked customers see on the Customer Site?

If a blocked customer tries to book a session, they will see a message letting them know they have been blocked.

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