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Managing Payments and Billing
Does TeamUp work with a card reader?Use Stripe's POS terminal/card reader to take payment from your customers directly with the tap of a phone or card.
How to set up my Stripe Terminal?Follow the steps below in order to complete your Stripe Terminal setup, and start using your card reader.
How can I take payment from my customer using my Stripe Terminal?You can now charge users directly using Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or a credit/debit card without having to add their card details
🎥 Creating Taxes and Fees (w/VIDEO)
Resolving failed Direct Debit payments with GoCardless and TeamUp
How can I block a membership from being used when it has pending offline payments
Managing payment methods for different types of purchases
GoCardless - safe refunds
GoCardless vs Stripe
Unskip previously skipped membership payments
GoCardless - what, why, how?
Confirming, cancelling, editing, and managing pending offline payments
GoCardless - How long do payouts take?
Stripe - what, why, how?
How to make refunds
Cancel a pending payment (GoCardless)
Stripe - How long do payouts take?
How to skip membership payments
Change the bank account details money gets paid into (Stripe)
How to change your incoming bank account (GoCardless)
Managing cash payments with TeamUp
🎥 Payments, Billing, and Revenue (w/ VIDEO)
Editing upcoming billing
Bulk cancel pending offline payments
Confirming offline refunds
How long will a payment take to complete? (GoCardless)
How long do transfers take? (Stripe)
Can customers make payments when my GoCardless account is still in review?
🎥 How to accept payments through TeamUp (VIDEO)
Which cards and payment types can I accept with Stripe?
How to reverse an Account Credit refund
Where are my Stripe Invoices?
A Stripe transaction doesn’t have a name listed, how do I find the customer in TeamUp?