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Bulk cancel pending offline payments
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To cancel pending offline payments in bulk, head to To-dos >> Offline Payments*.

*Pending offline payments can also be found under Billing/Revenue >> Pending and Reports >> Invoices - Pending Offline.

Tick the checkbox to select all payments and then click 'Void':

If you wish, you can also select multiple payments, or simply void a single payment by clicking 'Options - Void'*.

*For more information on the other options in this menu, see Confirming, canceling and editing pending offline payments.

The filters at the top can be used to search by customer name, a customer's membership, and date range:

In the next step, you'll see a preview of your selection. If all looks good, click 'Void' to confirm the cancellation, or click 'Go Back' if you need to make any changes.

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