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GoCardless vs Stripe
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Why GoCardless?

It’s simply the easiest and most flexible online direct debit solution available anywhere.

Transaction fees are competitive (and no other fees at all) it’s great value and customers love it.

Payouts are made within 7-10 working days for a customer's first payment and 3-5 working days for the 2nd payment onwards.

GoCardless is best suited to recurring billing but also works for one-off payments if desired*. It's worth noting that for one-off payments it can take several days to leave the customer's account, due to it being a direct debit processor.

*Please note that a customer can pay via a mandate (direct debit) for a one-off payment. The mandate is just the saved payment information to be charged that one time and will not create a recurring payment.

Click here for more info on GoCardless.

Why Stripe?

Collect credit and debit cards without any of the normal hassle, and no additional monthly fees.

No more merchant account numbers needed. Stripe is instantly available and only has competitive transaction fees.

Payments timings can be found here.

Stripe takes an instant payment from the customer's account, so is really well suited to one-off payments. It's totally fine to use Stripe for recurring payments as well.

Click here for more info on Stripe.

Can I use Stripe and GoCardless in parallel?

Yes. If you're going to use both, we recommend that you enable GoCardless just for recurring payments, and Stripe for recurring and all non-recurring payments, e.g., non-recurring memberships, classes/appointments, courses, and store purchases.

To enable/disable the different purchase types for GoCardless and Stripe, head to Settings >> Payment >> click 'Edit' next to the payment processor (GoCardless or Stripe) >> select 'Enabled' or 'Disabled' under each purchase type as needed and save changes.

Already using Stripe or GoCardless before TeamUp?

Get in touch as we should be able to migrate the payment details to TeamUp for you.

If you're unsure on which processor to go with, or would like any more information just email us on [email protected] or call us on your relevant number here

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Did this answer your question?