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How to reverse an Account Credit refund
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My customer was refunded Account Credit - how can I give them a monetary refund instead?

If you need to undo a customer's Account Credit refund, you can do so by using the Account Credit refund reversal tool.

This tool comes in handy if a customer has been refunded an Account Credit unintentionally, for example. You can easily undo the credit refund in a couple of clicks and then refund them the monetary value if needed.

❗️Please note that this tool only allows Account Credit refunds - it can't be used to reverse card, direct debit or offline payment (such as cash) refunds.

How to reverse an Account Credit refund

See below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to reverse Account Credit refunds.

Can I still reverse the Account Credit refund if the customer has used their credit partially?

Yes, you can still reverse the Account Credit refund, but you will only be able to reverse the credit amount that the customer has left. For an example of how this works, please see below:

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