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How can I take payment from my customer using my Stripe Terminal?
How can I take payment from my customer using my Stripe Terminal?

You can now charge users directly using Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or a credit/debit card without having to add their card details

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Taking a single payment

After setting up your Stripe Terminal, your terminal will appear as an option when you're processing a purchase on your customers behalf, and you select Stripe as the payment method.

Example: If you're purchasing a membership for a customer, and would like to charge them using their credit/debit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay, you can do this by heading over to the Customer's Profile select Memberships Add Membership ➔ select the membership you would like to add, and when you arrive at the Payment Section, select Stripe, and the Terminal you have set up will appear as an option.


Once you select the terminal and click on Checkout, the terminal will be activated and the customer can tap their card to process the payment.

Once they tap their payment method on the terminal and the Payment has been processed successfully, you'll see the page on TeamUp refresh with an invoice.

Saving the customers payment details for future payments

When the customer is purchasing a recurring membership and would like to save the card they'll be making payment via the terminal with for future payments as well, they'll need to swipe their card twice.

When it's time to take payment, you will see the message box below asking the customer to swipe their card once to save their card details for future payments, and then a second time in order to complete the payment due at the time of purchase.


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