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🎥 Payments, Billing, and Revenue (w/ VIDEO)
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There are probably two immediate questions you have on your mind when thinking about billing and revenue: "How do I charge my customers?" and "How can I view incoming revenue?".

In this guide we'll walk you through how to do both.

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1. How do I charge my customers?

Adding a payment method

Firstly, you’ll want to decide which payment method options you would like to make available to your customers.

Payment methods can be integrated into your TeamUp dashboard via Settings >> payments and then 'Manage payment methods'.


There are two payment methods we would suggest using over any others:

GoCardless - great for direct debit payments. See GoCardless-what-how-why for more info.

Stripe - Ideal for credit and debit card payments. See Stripe-what-how-why for more info.

PaySimple - For Credit Card and ACH payments. They offer competitive rates, with no setup fees/contracts or monthly fees.

You can see the details of this here: More about PaySimple Pricing

The other payment method you may want to integrate is cash. This is great for offline payments, which are settled between your business and the customer.

Just click 'Integrate' on any payment method you would like to use:


Now that you have your payment methods in place, your customers can make purchases on your TeamUp site.

If you have multiple payment methods integrated, then your customers will be able to choose their preferred payment method when making a purchase.

2. Viewing your billing and revenue

To see payments, head to Billing/Revenue. Here you can track activity for all your payments

Payouts - this is where you can see payments that have been disbursed to your bank account.

Upcoming billing- See all upcoming payments due over the next month.


Pending Online Payments - See all payments that have been initiated by the payment processor but not yet confirmed i.e. yet to leave the customer's bank account.

For online payments, they will move from Pending to Payouts automatically.

For offline pending payments i.e. cash payments, they will need to be confirmed by you once you have received payment from the customer. This can be done from To-dos >> Offline Payments.

Reports - See all confirmed payments, as well as refunds.


Here you can see a report on payments within a given date range, as well as filtering for individual purchase types.

You can also export this report for further analysis, or you may even want to share this with your accountant. Just click ‘download CSV’.

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