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How to make refunds
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To make a refund, go to the customer's profile page, and then to their Payments tab. Here you will see a list of all their past transactions.

Locate the transaction you wish to refund, and click 'Refund'.

On the next page, you will be able to choose to refund as below:

  • The original payment processor or offline/cash when not supported.

  • Apply as an account credit to be used toward a future purchase.

Please check your payment processors' refund information for fee information and the amount of time it takes for refunds to be processed.

*Important! Note that payments made by Direct Debit (e.g. GoCardless) that are still pending can't be refunded until the payment has been confirmed. In this situation please wait to refund until the payment has been confirmed.

GoCardless recommends that payments are not refunded within 7 days of being charged, this gives added protection against refunding unsettled payments. This means that any payment collected from your customers cannot be refunded until 7 days after the payment was charged, allowing sufficient time for the payment to settle into your account, prior to the refund request.

However, you can get in touch with GoCardless support and ask them to turn off safe refunds for you, which will allow you to refund payments immediately.

Please note that cash refunds will need to be confirmed manually once received in order to be reflected in your revenue reports. After creating a cash refund, head to To-dos >> Offline refunds to confirm it.

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