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Membership usage - when is it deducted, when is it refunded automatically, and can it be refunded manually?
Membership usage - when is it deducted, when is it refunded automatically, and can it be refunded manually?
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Memberships on TeamUp allow you to create a wide range of purchase options for your customers and automatically control each member's usage, e.g., which classes, courses, and/or appointments and how many they can book per day/week/month/year.

In this guide, we're going to take a look at how Memberships manage usage:

When is usage deducted?

When a customer books an event (a class, appointment, or course), one use is deducted automatically from their membership.

When a customer hits the usage limits on their membership, the system won't allow them to book any more sessions. For example, if they have a monthly membership that allows 8 classes per month and they've already booked 8 sessions in November, they will not be able to book further sessions in November. Or if they have a pack of 3 sessions and they've used up all three, they won't be able to book any more sessions until they purchase a new pack or membership.

What happens to membership usage when a customer unregisters from a class or appointment?

If a customer unregisters within your allowed cancellation window, their usage is automatically returned to their membership.

💡Customers will never receive a monetary refund if they booked an event using a membership usage. They will only receive an automated monetary refund if you have a per-class fee configured on your memberships or if they paid a drop-in fee instead of using a membership to book the class.

If a customer unregisters outside of your allowed cancellation window, they will be considered a late cancel, and their usage will not be returned.

If you wish, you can forgive their late cancellation and return their credit by heading to Calendar >> click class >> click 'Refund' >> mark as a regular cancel and save.

If you wish to refund someone the monetary value, you can action this manually from the customer's 'Payments' tab on their profile. For help with this, please see this guide.

❗️Courses work differently from Classes and Appointments in that customers can't unregister from a whole course from their end. If you need to unregister a customer from a course, please see this guide.

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