Managing course registrations and attendances

Register a customer onto a course

Head to Courses >> Courses and click on the desired course.

If you have lots of courses running, use the filter options on the right-hand side to refine the course you're looking for.

Click 'Register' to add customers to the entire group within your course.

If your course allows drop-ins, just click on the desired session to add a customer to it.

You can then register a customer for the selected single session OR for the entire course.

Manage existing attendees

Click on the desired session you want to manage attendees of.

You'll be able to mark customers as attended or no show. You'll also have the option to remove a customer from a session or to manage all their sessions.

If you click leave the session, you'll have an option to add a replacement session if your course settings allow make-up sessions with other groups.

You don't have to replace the session though.

If you remove a customer from a session of a course, they will be marked as substituted out.

You can also add them back to the session if required.

If you click to manage sessions for an attendee, you will be able to remove them from desired sessions, and add them to another group session (if applicable)

Note: if the customer has registered onto a course that has 6 sessions (for example), it will only be possible for them to attend 6 sessions in total across all available groups.

You can also manage existing attendees, from the attendees tab of your course.

Click details next to the desired customer for the same options as above.