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Who's missing? Who's not showing up?
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The report will help you better understand your customers' attendance behaviour. You'll find the report under Reports >> Events - Classes & Appointments >> All Attendances.

With this report you'll be able to:

  1. Identifying members at risk. Which members are showing up less than they used to or haven't been seen in a few weeks? Contact customers who haven't been seen in a while and encourage them to be more active.

    In the example below, we've grouped the report by "Customer" and "Monthly totals", and then filtered by "Status = Attended" to review each customer's number of attendances each month.

2. Spotting the no-shows Do you want to find customers who are constantly booking in and then "no-showing"? Select "No-Show" from the Status drop-down to filter the report to only show bookings that were marked as no-shows by you or your team.


3. Discovering how your membership options are being used. You can use the membership filter on this report to compare the attendance frequency for customers on each of your memberships. For example, you might want to compare how often customers with unlimited monthly membership attend classes compared with those using pay-as-you-go options such as 10 class packs.


4. Rewarding your keenest customers. Many of you reward your most active customers with recognition and small prizes. Use the shortcut to the Leaderboard report to identify those customers.


Happy filtering!

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