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How can customers access my On Demand Content?
How can customers access my On Demand Content?
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If you'd like to sell on-demand content on TeamUp, please see An Overview of On Demand Content on TeamUp to get started.

If you've already created your content library, keep reading to see how customers can view and purchase your content, or jump to:

Where can customers find my On Demand Content?

If you're using the On Demand Content feature, your customers will see an On Demand section in the menu on the Customer Site:


If you'd like to share the direct link to the On Demand section with your customers, head to On Demand >> click the preview link, which will take you to the On Demand section on your Customer Site as seen below:

Preview link found on Business side On Demand tab.

Then, copy the URL from the browser (highlighted in yellow below) - you can share this URL with your customers:


Can customers filter the content?

Yes, customers can use the filters at the top to search each Collection. For more information on how to create these filters, see How to add filters for On Demand Content.


Can customers view all the videos in the On Demand section?

All customers will have access to the On Demand section, but they'll only be able to play the videos if they have a valid membership.

If they click a video they don't have access to, they'll be prompted to purchase a membership in order to play the video:


Can customers watch On Demand videos from the app?

If you have set up On Demand Content, your customers will also have access to this section via the TeamUp Members App. The button opens the Customer Site On Demand page in a browser with the customer logged in.

TeamUp Members App - On Demand tab selected.

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