Where can I host my videos for On Demand Content?

Where can I host my videos for On Demand Content? Can I upload my videos to TeamUp? What happens if I delete a video from my hosting platform, will it still be available on TeamUp? Vicki Morillo

Before getting started with the On Demand Content feature on TeamUp, you'll need to find a place to host your videos, as videos can't be stored on TeamUp directly*.

Note: Customers will only be able to view your content if the file exists. For example, if you delete a video from your hosting platform, customers will no longer be able to view it from TeamUp.

We recommend using platforms that allow hosting private or unlisted videos so that you can control who gets access to your content.

Note: If your hosting provider supports oEmbed, customers will be able to watch the video directly within TeamUp. If not, they'll be redirected to the hosting platform.

Video hosting platforms

See below for a list of the most popular third-party video platforms (the below allow making videos private/unlisted):

  • Vimeo. We highly recommend Vimeo - they have great storage plan options, are highly reputable, support oEmbed, and feature customisable privacy settings. They allow domain-level privacy, which means you can specify which websites are permitted to embed your video. This will ensure only playbacks of content embedded in the nominated domains, i.e. prevent link sharing to non-TeamUp customers. You can also protect your content further by removing the ability to download your videos. Another great thing is that even though there are low upload limits with free accounts, pro plans are fairly inexpensive.

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If you're upgrading to a paid Vimeo plan, sign up via the links below to save 10%:

  • Youtube. Free unlimited cloud storage for your video files.

  • Dailymotion. Free unlimited video hosting.

  • Zoom. Need to interact with your customers during online classes and record your sessions? Zoom allows you to do this and much more. They offer cloud hosting so that you can easily save and share your recorded content.

Note: Did you know that TeamUp integrates with Zoom? Schedule your classes on TeamUp and let the integration take care of creating the meetings on Zoom and sending the link to your customers. Click here to get set up in 3 quick steps.

These platforms allow premium video hosting options along with other features, such as marketing tools and video analytics:

Please check with your chosen provider for a full breakdown of pricing.

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