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An Overview of On Demand Content
An Overview of On Demand Content
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With customers looking for the freedom to consume content on their own schedule, you might be seeking out ways to offer streaming and on-demand options for your business.

TeamUp takes the guesswork out of this for you!

In response to on-demand content becoming increasingly popular, we've created a simple, yet powerful feature that allows you to generate revenue and provide class content that your customers can consume on their own schedule.

In this guide we'll cover:

If you're looking to run live online classes, we've also got you covered. Check out this guide to link your TeamUp and Zoom accounts in three quick steps. For more information on the integration with Zoom, see An Overview of the Zoom integration with TeamUp.

How can I use On Demand Content in my business?

If you're running online classes, you might already be recording your sessions so that you can share them with your customers later on. Or, you might want to offer workouts that your customers can do in their own time.

Having a dedicated platform for on-demand content not only helps people find your content, but ensures your content assets have a longer life span - recorded content can be used and repurposed in virtually endless ways, so you can really get creative!

If you're looking for some inspiration, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Record your online classes and share them afterward with customers that missed the class or whose connection dropped.

  • Offer prerecorded sessions in bundles, courses, or single workouts that your customers can purchase at any time.

  • Record exercise demos or workout breakdowns to prep your customers for an upcoming online session.

  • Repurpose your content. Take your live webinars and classes and turn them into multiple content assets. Think on-demand videos that customers can purchase/watch at any time, short clips to create teasers on social media, and so on.

  • Use your live streams to promote your on-demand content. During online classes and webinars, share the link to your repository where customers can find your pre-recorded content.

What is this feature for?

The feature will let you decide which memberships can access which content. It might be a membership holder gets access to all on-demand content, or maybe just some - you decide!

Customers will then be able to access the content via a dedicated content section within their account on the Customer Site. The On Demand Content feature allows you to create multiple categories that show up as filters on the Customer Site, making it easy for customers to find the exact content they're after.

How does it work? Where is the content hosted?

You can start selling your on-demand content in two quick steps:

  1. Upload your content to your preferred video hosting platform (Vimeo, YouTube, etc.)

  2. Create a new content item. Here you'll be able to add the link to the video, create/add the search categories, and create/add the Collection it belongs to, i.e., which memberships* grant access to this content.

*Only recurring memberships and prepaid plans can be used to grant access to On Demand Content. Packs are not available for On Demand Content at this time.

Once done, the content will be added to a Collection in the On Demand library on the Customer Site.


If your hosting provider supports oEmbed, customers will be able to watch the video directly within TeamUp. If not, they'll be redirected to the hosting platform.

In the example below the video is hosted on Vimeo - they support oEmbed - so the video can be watched straight from TeamUp:

And you'll be able to edit/delete the content item from the back-end at any time:

Are there any size limits on video content?

This is entirely dependent on the video hosting platform you're using. For instance, Vimeo gives you up to 7TB of storage. For other video hosting options, please see Where can I host my on demand videos?

Are there any view limits?

This also depends on the video hosting platform you're using. It's not possible to limit the number of views from TeamUp.

However, you can limit how long customers have access to a video. For instance, you can create a membership that expires after a set amount of time - once expired, customers will no longer be able to view the videos their membership was linked to.

Which platform does TeamUp recommend and why?

Although you can use any video hosting platform with the On Demand Content feature, we highly recommend Vimeo for the following reasons:

  • They allow domain-level privacy, which means you can specify which websites are permitted to embed your video. This will prevent link sharing to non-TeamUp customers.

  • You can also protect your content further by removing the ability to download your videos.

  • Even though there are low upload limits with free accounts, pro plans are fairly inexpensive.

Tables can't be imported directly. Please insert an image of your table which can be found here.

If you're upgrading to a paid Vimeo plan, sign up via the links below to save 10%:

What do my customers see?

To see what your on-demand content library looks like on the Customer Site, click the preview link at the top of the On Demand Content section as seen below.

Start here to create your On Demand Content library!

Head to Managing On Demand Content to get started.

Can I see how many views my content is getting?

Yes, you can see how many views each content item is getting, which customers are viewing and when from the Content Views report.

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