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Managing On Demand Content filters
Managing On Demand Content filters
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On Demand Content Filters categorise your on-demand content, allowing customers to use filters to search your on-demand content library on the Customer Site.

Filters can be added when creating a new content item, or from On Demand Content >> Filters.

In this guide we'll cover:

Add a filter

To add a new filter, head to On Demand >> Filters >> click 'New Filter'.

Then, enter the filter name and the relevant tags. Tags are the options shown under the filter name on the Customer Site.

For example, you might have 'Equipment' as one of your filters, with 'Dumbbells', 'Kettlebells', 'No equipment', etc. as the tags for that filter.

Your customers will be able to use filters and tags to help them search the videos in a Collection:


The new filter is automatically saved after adding the name and the tags. It will then be available as an option when you create new content.

For details on how filters can be created straight from the new content form, see Managing your On Demand Content on TeamUp.

Rename a Filter

To edit the name on a filter, click the dots next to the desired filter and select 'Rename'.

Delete a filter

To delete a filter, click the trashcan icon. Please note that this action permanently removes the filter from the Filters list, and from any content items using it.

Change the order of the Filters

You can change the order in which filters are displayed on the Customer Site. Simply drag and drop each filter to the desired order as seen below:

How can I see what it looks like on the customer side?

To see what this looks like to your customers, click the preview link as seen below:

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