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The Calendar
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TeamUp's business management calendar allows business owners, instructors, and other staff members to see your class schedule*, access class details and attendees, check off attendance, and much more.

✍️ If you're just getting started with TeamUp, see How to set up a class for details on how to create classes and add them to your calendar.

To access the calendar, click 'Calendar' on the left-hand menu.

The Calendar on a TeamUp business account.

In this guide, we'll cover:

Who can view the business Calendar?

Only users with a staff account (owners, admins, instructors, etc.) will be able to view the business calendar. Instructors will be able to see the classes they teach or the entire schedule, depending on their permissions.

Customers will be able to see your schedule via the customer site. The schedule on the Customer Site shows your visible classes* and allows customers to book sessions, unregister, and join waitlists.

πŸ’‘ * You can control which classes are visible on the customer-facing schedule.
Need to make some classes visible to certain membership holders or to the business only? See Adjusting the class type visibility.

The Customer Site version of the schedule is also different in that it doesn't display details about other attendees or show any of the class management options on the business calendar.

To see what the schedule looks like on the Customer Site, head to Customer Experience >> Customer Site >> copy the URL and paste it into a browser.
Here's a preview of what customers see on their end:

customer calendar view

How to navigate the Calendar

The business Calendar Features multiples files and tools to help you plan your schedule and manage classes efficiently.
Keep reading for more details!

Filter by instructor, venues, event, class status, or occupancy

By default, the Calendar will show all your events (classes, courses, and appointments), but you can filter by specific instructors, venues, event types, status (active and/or canceled classes), or occupancy (empty, has registrations, full, has waitlist) if you need to narrow down the view.

Let's take a closer look at each filter.

πŸ‘Ÿ Instructor filter

Select one or multiple instructors:

The instructor filter on the business Calendar.

πŸ“ Venue filter

Select one or multiple venues:

The venue filter on the TeamUp business Calendar.

🎟️ Event filter

Select one or multiple class types and/or courses:

​⏯️ Status (Active/Cancelled events) filter

Select 'Active' or 'Cancelled' events.

Canceled classes will appear crossed out, as seen below:

πŸ‘₯ Occupancy filter

Filter by the event occupancy details: empty, has registrations, full, has a waitlist.

See at glance which sessions are in person, online, an appointment or part of a course

Online classes are labeled with a video icon, course sessions are marked with a book icon, and appointments have a person with a clock to visually differentiate them from regular in-person classes, as seen below.

The icons on the different session types on the Calendar.

Quick summary view of each event

To see a summary of an event's details, click an event card. This will pull up a modal with all of the event's details: date and time, venue, instructors, occupancy, visibility settings, whether registrations are open or closed, and the link to the event (which you can copy from this card by clicking the clipboard icon).

To access the attendee list, the event options, and additional details, click 'See Full Details'.

Select your preferred view (day, week, month)

Choose the 'Today' view for a scroll-down list view of today's schedule, or use the daily, weekly, or monthly views.

Daily, weekly, monthly or today view of the TeamUp business Calendar.

​Jump to a specific date

Use the calendar icon to quickly jump to a specific date.

Jump to a date in the TeamUp Business Calendar.

Group by Venues, Instructors, and Rooms

The grouping feature is excellent for schedule planning, and it can be used in conjunction with filters to generate customized views of the calendar.

Let's take a look at each option.

- Instructor grouping

This grouping will give you a quick overview of each instructor's day and assist in planning your schedule.

To see all instructors and their scheduled classes, appointments, and courses, click the Instructors view, and they will be listed in the header with their classes underneath (as seen in the image below).

You'll be able to see at a glance which classes don't have an instructor* and which instructors don't have any classes assigned (see screenshot below for an example).

πŸ’‘ * Need to assign an instructor to a class? See Creating instructors and adding them to classes.

If you're using the Appointments feature, in this view, you can also hover over each instructor's name to see which time slots they still have available for appointments that day.

The Instructors view on the TeamUp business Calendar.

​- Venue grouping

Venue grouping works in a similar way. To see a list of classes at each venue, click 'Venues'.

This feature can be especially useful in helping you plan your online and offline classes or if you have multiple locations.

- Room grouping

In the same way, the calendar also lets you see when different rooms have been booked for appointments.
The time bar on the left hand side makes it easy to view room occupancy at a glance and manage any conflicts.

Choose a compact or expanded view

You can choose to view the Calendar in compact or expanded mode, as seen below. Regardless of which one you choose, you will be able to click any event to see a summary and access the full details.

Save your preferred view

After selecting a view (list/week/month), it will be saved as the default view of your Calendar.

You can switch your preferred default view at any time by simply selecting a different view. When you leave the Calendar, the last selected view will become the new default.

Everything else, from the current date to filters, is saved for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the Calendar will return to the current day/week/month with no filters applied.

Event organisation by colour

Each event type will be assigned a default colour to make it easier to find on the Calendar. You can change the default colour on any event type from Customer Experience >> Customer Site - Class Type Colours.

What can I do from the Calendar?

1. Manage your classes (check off attendance, change the time on a specific class or edit any other details, etc.).

3. Check in customers for activities that don't require registration, such as Open Gym.

4. Under Settings:

Settings menu on the TeamUp business Calendar.

5. Download a printable PDF

To generate a PDF version of your Calendar, click the 'Download' button.

Please note that your browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.) will impact how the download looks. While we can't control this, we recommend these settings to save and print the calendar to get the best results:

  • Layout: Portrait

  • Scale: Custom at ~70%

  • Include: Background graphics

  • Margins: 0 or minimal

Print settings for the Calendar.


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