Adjusting the Class Type visibility

Can I hide classes from my customers? How do I make some classes visible to certain members?

This feature allows you to choose whether you make classes visible to everyone, membership holders, or to the business only.

An example of when this might be used is for a private session, where you only want one one one sessions to show to customers with a valid membership.

Changing the class type visibility

To change the class type visibility head to Classes/Appointments >> Class Types >> select desired class type >> Click the gear icon on the right >> 'Edit' and select the desired visibility.

"Everyone" means this will be public-facing, and open to everyone. 

"Business Only" means it will only be visible to you and your staff*.

"Membership Holders" means customers who hold a membership that entitles them to register for the class.

You can define which memberships are valid from the 'Settings & Pricing' tab of the same class type.

In the below example, if the class visibility was set to "Membership Holders", this class would only be visible to customers who owned the "Valid Memberships". 

This can be edited and adjusted by selectin Pricing >> Edit 

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