Bulk cancel classes between two dates

Cancel classes between two dates. How to edit your schedule for time off or holidays.

You can cancel classes in bulk between two dates via the Bulk Cancel tool.

💡If you only need to cancel one class, see Cancelling a class and what happens to customers booked.


In this guide we're going to take a look at how the Bulk Cancel tool works:


🎥 Watch the tutorial

📕 Read the tutorial


🎥 Watch the tutorial


📕Read the tutorial


You can find this tool in the Calendar > Settings > Bulk Cancel / Mark as closed:

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Important! For customers attending classes cancelled using this tool:

  • Registrations on memberships: membership usage credits WILL be refunded back to the membership.

  • Paid drop-in registrations: fees will be refunded as account credit. (No money will be refunded).

  • Notifications WILL NOT be sent. You will have the opportunity to copy customer emails to send your own email explaining this cancellation (we'll explain how to do this below). This prevents the same customer from receiving multiple emails and allows you to control the message.

How to use the Bulk Cancel tool

  1. First, you'll be prompted to select the desired date range, the class types, and/or the venues, as seen below:

Captura de pantalla 2024-03-07 a las 12-09-23-pngClick 'Continue'.

2. In the next step, you'll see a preview of all the classes that will be cancelled, along with how many people have registered for each class.

You can untick any classes that shouldn't be cancelled, or you can click the 'Back' button at the bottom to edit the dates, class types and/or venues, as seen in step 1.

If all looks good, click 'Continue'.

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3. In the final step you'll be asked to confirm if you wish to move forward with the cancellation.

If you'd like to notify your customers about the cancellation, remember to copy their email addresses in this step. To do this, click 'Copy to clipboard' and paste the list into your preferred email software or into a text document to save for later.

To finalise, click 'Confirm'.

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Can I see a list of my cancelled classes?

See How to view your cancelled classes.


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