Can I send customers a recording after a class?

How to email your clients a class recording.

Yes, you can send customers a link to the recording* via a post-class notification.

*Please note that to share the recording, you'll need to upload the video to a video hosting platform first. If you need any help with this, see Where can I host my on demand videos?

You can link to the video one of two ways in the post-class notification email:

  1. Include the link to where the video is located on your video hosting platform. Please note that if the link is different each time, you'll need to edit the post-class email template after each class to update the link.
  2. Or create a content item using the On Demand Content feature. In the post-class notification, add the link to the On Demand Content section in the Customer Site. If the video link is different for each class, you'll need to edit the content item after each class to update the link.

Alternatively, if you'd rather email your customers the link to the recording manually, you can copy their emails in bulk from Calendar >> click the class >> copy the attendee emails (as seen below).

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