You'll find lots of options to explore with this feature.

These are a few of the many ways businesses are using Triggers.

  • A special welcome message after a customer’s first class.
  • Milestone recognitions (100th class).
  • After class, send an email to no-shows reminding them of your no-show policy.
  • Pre-class reminders to all customers, especially when they need special instructions (directions, reminders to bring towels or water).
  • Pre-class reminders for online classes.
  • Remind instructors about their upcoming sessions.

Setting up the email

You'll first need to decide when the trigger will be sent. In the below example it will go out 24 hours before a class starts.

Head to Notifications >> Class Registrations >> Before class >> click 'Detail'.

Now you have your trigger in place, you can create notifications based on this trigger.

Note. Currently email is the only action available. 

Who do you want to receive this email? Bear in mind that you can setup as many pre class triggers as you like.

i.e. you could send a pre class reminder to both your class attendees and to the instructor(s) taking the class.

In this example, it will be the class's attendees.

When would you like the action to take place?

You can set it so the trigger always goes out X (24 in this case) hours before a class starts.

Or decide to send it when only certain triggers are true.

In this example, the email will only go out to customers who are attending their first class.

And in this example, the email will only go out to customers attending class type = Semi Private.

For this example, we'll always send the trigger 24 hours before any class begins.

Now you can add a customised email subject and email body which will be sent to the intended recipients.

Use the variables on the right-hand side to auto complete things like recipient name, class name and class start time.

You can format the body of the message just how you like.

Don't forget to preview your email to make sure you're happy with how it looks.

Note. any template you have used from Email Branding will also show in the preview.

Once you're happy with how everything looks, save the email.

Tip. Add as many actions as you like to the same trigger. Just head to the desired trigger and click to add action.

Can I send customers a reminder email with the Zoom link before class?

To include the Zoom link in the notification, you'll need to use the {{online_venue_instructions}} variable in the email*. 

*Using the {{online_venue_instructions}} for classes at online venues will automatically insert a button that links to Zoom into the email under an "Online Class Instructions" section, as seen below.

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