Navigate your way to Classes >> Class types.

Here you can find out how to add new class types, as well as manage and edit your existing ones

Create a new class type

Click on ‘New Class Type’:

From this page, you can complete the information listed below, to set-up a new class instantly

  • Name – name of class viewable to your customers

  • Description – Here you can describe the class type

  • Visibility – Who do you want to be able to see the class?

  • Registration settings - When customers can register and leave. All existing timelines in Settings >> Registration >> Registration timelines will be displayed here as options.

 Note: If you need to create a different registration timeline for your new class type, please see Adding a registration timeline

  • Allow non-members to register? - Can customers pay a drop-in price for the class?

  • Decide which memberships are applicable to the class:

Tip. Use the advanced settings to charge an additional fee per class registration, on top of the membership usage. 

Once happy with your settings, you can ‘Create Class Type’ – your class is now created. Next, you will need to set a schedule for this type.

Scheduling a class type

Here you can schedule your classes. You have the option to do this as Weekly Time Slot or as a One-Off Class.

Note. Weekly Time Slots create classes at the same time each week.
One-Off classes happen exactly once, at the date and time you choose.

Select the desired time slot. In this example, we'll add a repeating time slot.

Weekly times slots:

The below class schedule repeats 8-9am Monday and Wednesday every week.

One-off time slots:

The below class happens on 20th November at 5-6pm. This class does not repeat. The class size limit is 10.

Editing existing classes (Details, Schedule and Class Prices)

Go to Classes >> Class types and click on the desired class type.

This will take you by default to the Schedule tab

From here you can...

  • Edit details such as Venue, Instructor, Times, Class Size Limits.

  • Edit dates of when the schedule runs.

  • Edit Class Prices

  • Edit Details (class name, description and visibility)

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