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How to create a schedule for pre-recorded videos
How to create a schedule for pre-recorded videos
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If you have pre-recorded sessions that you'd like to put on your schedule, you can set up classes and schedules for them, just like you would for regular classes.

Note. Videos can't be hosted directly on TeamUp, so you'll need to upload your pre-recorded classes to a video hosting platform first. See Where can I host my on demand videos? for further details.

If you're looking to create an on-demand library for your content, rather than a schedule for pre-recorded classes, check out our On Demand Content feature. The feature lets you decide which memberships can access which content. It might be a membership holder gets access to all on-demand content, or maybe just some.

1. Create the class and add a schedule

If you need help creating the class, see How to set up a class.

If these classes should only be available to customers on certain memberships, or customers that have paid for them, you'll be able to configure the class visibility so that only these members can view/access the sessions.

In the class setup, you'll be able to choose which memberships have access to the class. If none of your existing memberships apply and you need to create a new one, skip this step for now*.

* If you need to create a separate membership or package for these classes, head to Memberships >> Memberships >> 'Add a membership'. Here you'll be able to create a recurring membership, a pack, or a prepaid plan that allows customers to book these sessions.

2. Share the video for each class.

There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • Via a pre-class email. You can set up an automated email that goes out to customers before each class. If the link is different for each class, you'll need to remember to edit the link in the notification before each class. For more information on how to create these emails, see Adding a pre/post class notification.

  • Using an online venue. For this option, you'll need to create an online venue with one URL for all classes at this venue, as seen below. If the link to each recording is different, you'll need to edit the Video URL field before each class.

    Plese note that customers that have registered for class will still be able to access the recording after the class has ended*. If you'd like to cut off access afterward, you'll need to remove the link manually.

    *Tip. If you're using Vimeo to host your recordings, you can schedule an expiration date for your links, which allows you to cut off access automatically, even if the link is still in your TeamUp venue. See this guide for more information.

    Note: you can also use Pre/post class notifications in conjunction with this method if you'd like to create a notification to email customers the link.

  • Another option is to update the class detail page before each class to include the link to where the video is hosted. For example, if your class is hosted in Vimeo, you'd include the link to Vimeo in the class description. To do this, head to Calendar >> click desired class >> click Options - Edit and include the link in the class description:

To create the link, use the following HTML code:

If the link is the same for each class, you can add it to the class type description. To do this, head to Classes/Appointments >> Class types >> click class type name >> click 'Edit'.

Then, follow the same steps as above to create the link.

Important! For this option, we'd suggest making the class type visible for membership holders only, so that only they have access to the recordings. For more information on how to change the class type visibility, see this guide.

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