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How to book more than one client into the same appointment
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How to book two people in for the same session. 1-2 packages.

If you're using Appointments to offer 1-2 sessions or small group sessions, you can register all the clients attending the same session.

๐Ÿ’กNeed to create packages for your 1-1, 1-2. etc. sessions? To set these up, head to Memberships >> Memberships >> 'Add a Membership'. Here, select the Pack option. You'll need to create a pack for each one of your offerings, e.g., a pack for 1 to 1s, another pack for 1 to 2s, and so on. If you're creating drop-in or single-session pay-as-you-go packages, please note that the pack size should be "1" (this will allow the person, couple, or group to book one session with this pack).

To book more than one client into the same appointment, follow the steps below:

  1. First, you'll need to book the appointment for one of the people attending. If the client has already booked the appointment from their end, skip this step and jump to step 2. See below for the steps on how to schedule an appointment on behalf of the first client:

2. Now you can book the remaining client/s in. See how to do this below:

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