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Managing one on one membership offerings
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One-on-one sessions can be sold in a variety of ways. Think recurring memberships for your loyal and regular one-on-one customers, update existing plans with a 1-2-1- allowance or offer packs to up-sell multiple classes at a reduced rate.

Read this first! One-on-one sessions can be set up as Classes or Appointments, depending on how you're running your sessions:

  1. If your clients need to contact you when they want to schedule a one-on-one session, we'd suggest using the Appointments feature. To get started, see How to set up an Appointment Type.

  2. On the other hand, if your one-on-one sessions have a pre-set or fixed schedule (for example, your one-on-one sessions are always 9:00 am - 10:00 am, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday), then we'd recommend using the Classes feature. See How to run one-on-one sessions with a pre-set timetable.

Memberships can be used with Classes and Appointments. Let's take a look at the different membership options:

Updating existing memberships

You may want to update your existing membership offerings with a one-on-one allowance. This could be included in the regular membership limits, or separate from the regular limits.

For instance, the below allows regular 4 classes per month + 1 PT session.

To change an existing membership, head to Memberships >> click desired membership >> click Edit besides Usability.

You may want to include the one-on-one session as part of the membership price, in which case you only need to change the membership usability.

However, if you'd like to charge the customer an additional fee when they register for their one on one sessions, you can do so by updating the membership price settings from Memberships >> click desired membership >> click 'Edit' besides Registration Prices.

From here you can set pricing to be "One use of the membership plus an additional amount per registration". In the below example it's £15 per 1 on 1 PT session.

Adding a new recurring membership

Recurring memberships are great for customers who attend classes on a regular basis - payments are automated, so all they need to worry about is booking and showing up to classes. They also offer a great way for you to predict your cash flow each month - you'll be able to see exactly how much you should expect each month based on your regular payees.

Check out this guide to get started with recurring memberships.

💡 If you have one on one customers who hold the same time slot each week, you'll be able to book them in using their recurring membership and the recurring reservation tool. If you'd like customers to make their own reservations just let us know as we can enable a feature to allow this.

Selling packs

Multi-session packs

Sell multiple sessions with one purchase i.e. 5 one on one classes for £100. The customer will be able to use their pack to book individual sessions as they please, and then "top-up" when they need more sessions.

Maybe you sell multiple sessions at a reduced rate vs a single session to encourage up-sell to this option.

One-off sessions

Sell individual sessions via a 1 class pack. Customers will be able to re-purchase as they need to.

Check out this guide to get started with packs.

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