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How to offer room hire in TeamUp
How to offer room hire in TeamUp
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Can I use TeamUp to offer space rental at my gym? Can I use Appointments to create my room hire offering?

If you offer room hire at your facility, you can use TeamUp to create a schedule for your rental spaces and automate bookings and payments.

Here are just a few examples of how businesses use TeamUp to manage their room hire:

  • Renting out rooms or spaces to personal trainers, massage therapists, etc. Note that a room doesn't need to be a separate area with walls; it can simply be a dedicated space within your facility.

  • Booking events, such as activity-based birthday parties, hen dos, etc.

  • Private rooms for customers to train in.

Let's take a look at how it all works!

How to set up your room hire offering

As an example, we'll be setting up room hire for three rooms in our gym which we allow personal trainers to book for 90-minute sessions.

1. Create your rooms

First, you'll need to have a physical venue with rooms assigned to it. For help creating venues and rooms, see How to add venues and rooms.

In the example below, our 'London Venue' has three rooms that personal trainers can rent, so we've added three rooms to this venue.

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Captura de pantalla 2024-02-13 a las 13-52-39-png

2. Create an availability schedule

Now you'll need to create the availability schedule for your rooms.

Typically, schedules are linked to an instructor, but in this case, we're going to create a "dummy" instructor so that we can link the room hire availability schedule to it. This can be done from Staff >> Staff Management >> click 'Add a staff member'. See this guide for further help adding an instructor to your Staff.

❗️Since this won't be a "real" instructor, you don't need to add any staff permissions to the profile.

In the example below, we've created an instructor named "Room Hire".

Now you'll need to create an availability schedule for this "instructor". To do this, click 'Options - Manage availability', as seen below, to add your schedule. If you need any help using the scheduling tool, see How to manage an instructor's availability schedule/s.

In the example below, we're allowing our rooms to be booked Monday through Friday, from 6:00 am until 9:00 pm.

3. Create an Appointment Type

Now that you have your rooms and the schedule set up, it's time to link them to an Appointment Type. The Appointment Type will allow people to browse your availability schedule for room hire and book a room at their preferred time.

For steps on how to set up the Appointment Type, please see the tutorial below.

💡If you allow your rooms to be booked for different lengths of time, you'll need to create a separate Appointment Type for each duration. For example, you could have an Appointment Type for 45-minute sessions, another Appointment Type for 60-minute sessions, a third Appointment Type for 90-minute sessions, and so on.

Where do my customers need to go to see and book my room hire offerings?

Your room hire offerings will be available on the 'Appointments' tab on your Customer Site. People interested in booking a room will need to create a customer account first and then book a room and pay for it from the 'Appointments' tab.

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