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Overriding the "Registrations Open" setting on a specific class
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Registration timelines determine when customers can start booking classes or appointments. This is done via the "Registrations Open" setting, which allows you to set how far in advance a class type can be booked.

In the example below, customers can start booking 45 days before the class or appointment starts.

However, you can override the Registrations Open setting for specific classes or one-off events by relaxing the settings. There are two places where this override is available:

On existing classes

Example: you have a Class Type called HIIT, with a repeating time slot at 8:00 am Monday-Sunday. Registrations for HIIT open 45 days before the class starts, but you'd like registrations for the class on the 12th of May to open now.

To relax the settings for the 12th May class, head to Calendar >> click 12th May class >> click 'Options - Edit' >> tick 'Relax registrations open' and save changes.

Once done, customers will be able to start booking this specific class immediately, overriding the 45-day "Registrations Open" setting.

On new one-off classes

If you need to schedule a one-off class within an existing Class Type, you can relax the "Registrations Open" setting as you're creating the class.

Let's say that you have a Kettlebells Class Type, with a repeating schedule on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and that you'd like to schedule a special one-off Kettlebells class on Thursday, 2nd June, and allow customers to start booking immediately.

To do this, you'll need to create a new single session on 2nd June from the Kettlebells Class Type and select the "Relax" option, as seen below. For detailed instructions on how to create a one-off class, see How to set up a class.

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