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Registration settings - setting a cancellation cutoff time for Classes and Appointments
Registration settings - setting a cancellation cutoff time for Classes and Appointments
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The cancellation notice period controls how much notice your customers must give you when cancelling Classes and/or Appointments.

If a customer cancels after your cancellation cutoff they will lose any class credit and won't receive a refund if they were paying a drop-in fee. The customer will also appear in your reports as a late cancel.

To control this head to Settings >> Registration >> Registration Timelines.

Here, to manage the cancellation cutoff setting, you'll need to edit an existing timeline or create a new one.

To do this, within the selected timeline, enter the desired cancellation limit in 'Cancellation cutoff', select the class types it should apply to, and click 'Save'.

The multiple timelines allow you to set different cutoff times for different class types.

For example, you could set a lower cutoff time for your more popular classes, that you know will be filled easily. Or set a higher cutoff time for classes that may be harder to find replacements for.

Note: Since timelines also include the registrations open and close settings, you would need to either edit an existing timeline and add the class type to it, or create a new timeline if you need an all-new settings combo.

Here's an example of what multiple timelines with different cancellation cutoff settings might look like on your business dashboard.

In this example, the Strength and CrossFit class types each have their own advance registration limit, and 1-2-1, HIIT share the same limit.

: if you are using a Nightly Black Out Period, the time during the blackout period will not count as notice period.

You can edit the message customers are shown on the customer site when they attempt to unregister after the cancellation cutoff from Settings >> Registration >> Late cancel settings >> 'Edit'.

How to remind customers of your cancellation policy

You can use the late cancel notification on TeamUp to email customers who late cancelled from a class, and remind them of your cancellation policy, or you might want to send them a pre-class reminder to help prevent late cancelations. For more information on how to set these notifications up, please see:

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Did this answer your question?