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Can I use the same email for multiple Staff members?
Can I use the same email for multiple Staff members?
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No, each member of Staff needs to have a unique email address.

❗️Please note that while creating multiple staff accounts using the same email address is possible, only one of the accounts will be able to use that email address (it will be the first person to accept the invitation to manage their account).

What should I do if I've already created multiple Staff members using the same email address?

This can be easily fixed in one of two ways:

  • You can change the email on each profile that has not accepted the invitation to manage their account by heading to Staff >> Options >> 'Edit Details and Permissions' >> update the email address. Remember, the email address for each staff member must be unique.

  • Or, if preferred, you can delete the profiles and start again. Important!: If you choose this option and you've already linked your staff members to Classes, Appointments, or Courses, you'll need to re-link them.

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