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How to resend an invitation to a staff member
How to resend an invitation to a staff member
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When you add a staff member to TeamUp they are sent an email with a unique link to set up their account. Occasionally our emails can get lost in spam folders or accidentally deleted by staff members.
If this happens you can re-send the invitation email to your staff member manually.

To do this simply head to Staff >> click 'Options' next to the relevant staff member >> 'Resend Invite' >> and click 'Resend' in the pop-up window you'll get.

Please note this option will only be shown if your staff member has not yet accepted their invitation, which you can clearly see by the "Invite pending" tag next to their email address. If this tag is not shown it means they have already accepted their invitation and therefore they can log in here instead.

Once done, the invitation email with the unique link will be automatically re-sent to your staff's email address, so before re-sending please ensure that the correct email address is shown in the account. If you need to change the email address first, then please select "Edit details and permissions" within options instead and edit the email address. Once done and saved, you can then resend the invite following the steps given above.

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Did this answer your question?