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Delete a staff member
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Staff accounts can be deleted at any point. Deleting a staff member will remove all access to TeamUp, and any association with classes they instruct. You'll be able to assign their classes to another staff member in the process.

Deleting a staff member cannot be undone.

Note. Owner accounts cannot be deleted until the Owner status is removed. See "Account owners explained" for more information.

To delete a staff member head to Staff >> click 'Options' besides desired staff member >> click 'Delete' >> in the popup, click 'Delete' to confirm.

If the staff member is an instructor, you will have the option to assign their class to another instructor before deleting the profile.

If you want this user to retain access to your TeamUp account in a non-instructor capacity, you can deactivate their instructor account instead.

โ€‹Click 'Delete' to finalise the deletion.

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Did this answer your question?