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How to edit an existing staff member
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Staff accounts can be edited at any time from Dashboard >> Staff >> click 'Options' button next to staff member name.

Depending on the account type, different options will be available when you click on the 'Options button'.

Here is an overview of all existing options:

  1. Edit details and permissions. This option will allow you to edit their personal details and permissions. Click here for more on editing details and permissions.

  2. Edit notification preferences. TeamUp will send you notifications based on your staff permissions. For more information on how this works, please read this guide.

  3. Manage availability. If you're using Appointments, you will be able to set the instructor's availability from here. For more information on managing availability, click here.

  4. Remove instructor status. Clicking this option will allow you to remove this account from your instructors' list.

  5. Resend invite. Click this option to resend a staff member their invitation link. Please note this option will only be shown for a staff member who's yet to accept their invitation (i.e those where it says "Invite pending" next to their email address.

  6. Make owner. Click this option to grant a user account owner status.

  7. Delete. Click to permanently delete an account.

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Did this answer your question?