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Adding staff members
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TeamUp allows you to create multiple staff members and customise their roles and permissions.

For example, you may want a member of your staff to have access to your Customers section, but not to your Billing/Revenue section. Or, you may want to create an instructor who is only allowed to manage class attendances.

Staff members are created and managed from the Staff section.

What types of staff members can I create?

There are two kinds of account types you can create from the Staff section:

  1. Admin. Admins have access to all sections on TeamUp.

  2. Limited Permissions. Users with limited permissions will only be allowed to view and/or manage their allowed sections. To learn more about permissions, click here.

Both Admins and permission-based users may be assigned the "Instructor" role. When a user is an instructor as well, they will show up as one of the available instructors to choose from when creating a Class Type, setting up an Appointment Type, or scheduling a Course.

How to add a staff member

To add a staff member to your TeamUp account, head to Staff >> Click the 'Add a Staff member' button.

Here, you will need to enter their name and email address.

💡Please note that each Staff account must have a unique email address. If you've created multiple accounts using the same email address, see this guide for help on how to resolve this.

When you select a permissions-based user account, a list of all available permissions will cascade down.

If you select the Instructor option, an extra set of permissions will appear. These will allow you to define which classes the instructor has access to - all or just the ones they teach.

In this step, you will also be able to upload an image for your staff member. Click 'Choose a File' to upload an image from your computer, import from a URL, or take a photo using your computer's webcam. You will also be able to crop the image as needed.

Tick all applicable permissions, if any, and click 'Create'.

After you've created the staff account, an automatic email will be sent to their email address with an invitation link. They will need to click this link in order to be able to access their account.

Staff accounts can be edited at any time from Staff >> click 'Options' button next to the desired staff member's name. For more information on this topic, please visit this guide.

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