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Signup Forms explained
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Forms collect data from customers using Customer Fields. Form fields are collected and then saved to the customer profile, and throughout TeamUp, for you to review.

The Signup Form is required to be completed by all customers. Below we outline what the Signup Form is and how it differs from other forms.

  • All Customers complete the Signup Form when they sign up on the Customer Site.

  • Signup Form submissions do not expire.

  • Signup Forms are listed separately on your Forms list.

  • The order of these two forms cannot be changed because they are mandatory and completion is required before any other form is completed.

  • You can add or remove fields to these forms as you like though.

πŸ’‘ For example, you might want to collect customer telephone number or where did you hear about out us? during sign-up.

There are 2 Signup Forms:

Forms page displaying the 2 sign up forms

1. The Regular Signup Form

All participating customers complete this form.

By default, this form asks for name, email, gender, and date of birth.

2. Non-participating Parents

A non-participating parent who is signing up for their child, but will not participate themselves, will fill out the Non-Participating Signup Form.

By default, this form includes no fields, but you can add fields to the signup forms as needed.

Which form the parent fills out depends on whether they have said they are participating on the Signup Form.

Non-paricipating parent sign up form, with the field "Will you paricipate in classes as well?", no highlighted.

πŸ’‘ The Marketing Preference field is not asked on child Signup Forms.

The non-participating signup form is explained in more detail here.

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