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πŸŽ₯ Introduction to Customer Forms (w/video)
πŸŽ₯ Introduction to Customer Forms (w/video)
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Customer Forms collect data from customers using Customer Fields. Customers submit Forms during signup, registrations, and purchases.
Form fields collected then save to the customer profile, and throughout TeamUp for you to review.

TeamUp allows you to create your own forms, and as many as you like.

What you can do with Forms

Forms can be used in a number of ways, here are some examples:

1. Forms can be configured to target specific registration or purchase types. This allows you to collect targeted information from your customers based on their activity with your business. Think, collecting certain information from customers who attend a foundations course, a pre-natal class, a personal training session, child-only classes, having a form that collects minimal information for free trial customers, and so on.

2. Forms can be configured to have customers resubmit their answers periodically. For example, you might want to collect a customer's medical status every year.

3. Completed Form data will sit on the customer profile. When customers submit forms, they are setting values for Customer Fields directly. This data is then accessible throughout TeamUp: on the Customer Profile, in exports, etc.

The following is an example of a form:

How the form looks on the customer site:

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Did this answer your question?