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Family Settings
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The Family Settings under Settings >> Customers allow you to customize how your business manages families.

For a step-by-step guide on how to create a family, please see this guide.

In this guide, we're going to cover how to configure whether you want your TeamUp account to:

Offer classes for children and dependents

If you select 'Yes'

Customers will be prompted to create a family account during the signup flow. This option is ideal if your business offers children-only classes or classes for adults and classes for children.

If this option is selected along with 'Will all your customers need to create a family account? - Yes'

Your customers will see the form to add a child in the second step of the signup flow when creating their account, as seen below:

On the other hand, if this option is selected along with 'Will all your customers need to create a family account? - No', your customers will be asked if they want to sign up a child or dependent. If they say yes, they'll be taken to the child signup form seen above.

If you select 'No'

Customers will not be able to add children or dependents.

There are two options here:

  • If you select no and leave 'Allow Family Managers to be added to the account?' unticked, customers will only be allowed to create an account for themselves.

  • If you select no and also select 'Allow Family Managers to be added to the account?', customers will be allowed to add Family Managers to their account. This is ideal if you have customers who need to be able to book classes on behalf of each other.

Customers will see the option to add other family managers in 'My Account' section of their profile, as seen below:

Make creating a family account mandatory for all customers

Please note that this option will only be available if you've selected 'Does your business offer classes for children and dependents? - Yes' previously.

If this option is set to 'Yes', all customers will be taken to the family signup flow immediately after signing up.

If it's set to 'No', customers will have the option to choose whether they want to add a child or dependent as they're signing up. Note: If they choose not to add a child upon signup, they'll still be able to add a child later on.

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