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How to create donation-based classes
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You can easily create donation-based payments for your classes by creating single-session class pack memberships (one for each donation price) and making sure you have drop-ins on the class disabled.

How to create packs for donations

First, you'll need to set up a pack for each donation amount, e.g., £2, £5, £7, and so on.

See Add a Pack for step-by-step instructions on how to create a pack. If you've already created the class, you'll be able to select it from the 'Usability' section in the pack setup form. If you haven't created your class yet, simply create the pack without filling in the 'Usability' section (keep reading for help on how to create a class).

The pack size on each pack should be set to "1".

Tip: You can name your plans based on the donation. For example “£5 donation” or “£10 donation” with the description explaining your campaign and where donations will be sent or used for.

How to set up a donation-based class

If you haven't yet set up the class, see How to set up a class. Here you'll be prompted to enter the class details and select which memberships can be used to book the class (here, select the packs you created in the previous step).

If you've linked your packs to existing classes with drop-in fees, you'll need to disable the drop-in fee so that customers can only choose the donation packs in order to book.

To disable a drop-in fee, head to Classes/Appointments >> Class types >> Settings & Pricing >> click 'Edit' next to Pricing >> set 'Allow drop-ins?' to "No...".

What do customers see?

When a customer registers for the class they will see all pack options available to them and will be able to choose which donation amount it is they want to purchase.

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Did this answer your question?