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How to put memberships on hold in bulk
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The bulk hold tool allows you to quickly add a hold/freeze to your customers' memberships in bulk.

The Hold function in TeamUp will allow you to set a time period where the customer's membership won't be valid for class bookings and all billing will also be put on hold.

How to use the bulk hold tool

The bulk hold tool lives in the Membership Tools section.

To get started, click 'Bulk Hold'.

Click 'Bulk Hold' to hold customer memberships in bulk.

Then, select which memberships you want to put on hold. Please note that you'll be allowed to exclude/include specific customers in the step after this. Click 'Continue'.

First, you'll be able to use the filters at the top to find/select the memberships you want to freeze. These filters are:

  • Any Membership. Select a specific membership.

  • Any Membership Type. Filter by membership type - pack, recurring plan, and/or prepaid plan.

  • Any Customer. Search a customer name to view their active memberships.

  • Start Date is All Dates. Use this filter to view memberships starting on a specific date or date range.

  • Expiration Date is All Dates. Use this filter to view memberships ending on a specific date or date range.

Filters in the bulk holds section of TeamUp.

After selecting the customers, click 'Create Holds'.

Select the customers whose memberships are being put on hold.

The next step allows you to create holds with or without end dates. You'll be prompted to enter a hold start date. Under 'Hold type', you'll be able to preset an end date or choose the open-ended option.

Select hold start and end date.

If you choose open-ended, you can edit the hold to add an end date or end the hold immediately at any time.

💡Under 'Advanced' you'll be able to extend expiration dates if you wish. If selected, expirations are extended by the hold's duration in days for packs and prepaid plans. For recurring plans, expirations and commitments are extended by the number of billing periods the hold spans.

Select whether you want to extend the membership expiration dates after the hold ends.

💡When creating a hold with a preset end date, prorates will be calculated on payments and class usage allowance for partial months. For more details on how prorates are calculated, see How to put a customer membership on hold . If you don't want the system to calculate prorates, select 'Disable all proration behavior as a result of these holds'.

Select whether you want to disable payment prorates after the hold.

Click 'Preview change' at the bottom of this page once done.

On the confirmation page, you'll be able to copy customer email addresses to send them any communication about the hold.

Preview the holds and confirm.

Click 'Confirm' to finalise, or 'Back' if you need to make any changes.

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