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How to extend expiration dates on packs and prepaid plans
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TeamUp allows you to extend the expiration dates on your customers' packs and prepaid plans. You can do this individually for each customer, or via the Extend Expirations Tool if you need to extend dates in bulk.

❗️If you're looking to freeze your customers' packs or prepaid plans instead, please see How to put memberships on hold. Note that with holds you can stop customers from booking classes completely while the hold lasts, and also extend the expiration dates if you need to.

In this guide we'll cover:

How to extend the expiration date for an individual customer's pack or prepaid plan

Head to Customers >> Customer List >> search customer >> click the 'Memberships' tab >> click the desired pack >> click 'Edit' >> change the expiration date and save changes.

Extend the expiration date on a pack or prepaid plan for an individual customer.

How to extend expiration dates on your customers' packs and prepaid plans in bulk

The Extend Expirations Tool under Memberships >> Membership Tools allows you to extend the dates in bulk. To get started, click 'Extend Packs and Prepaid Plans'.

Extend Expiration Dates tool.

First, select the desired packs and/or prepaid plans and click 'Continue':

Select packs and prepaid plans to extend

In the next step, enter the number of days you'd like to add, select the customers, and click 'Preview Change'.

Enter the number of days and select the customers whose packs and prepaid plans you want to extend.

In the final step, you'll be able to review the changes (click 'Back' if you need to edit). If you'd like to email your customers about the changes made, make sure to copy their emails as seen below (you can then paste them somewhere else to save for later, or directly into an email).

If all looks good, click 'Confirm'.

Preview changes and confirm.

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