An overview of recurring reservations

Understand how reservations work. Reserve customers into repeating time slots

Recurring reservations allow you to book your customer into the same class week in week out, providing they have a valid membership for the booking.

A recurring membership will allow you to book the customer into their favourite class continuously until their membership ends, or they decide to change class. A pack or prepaid plan membership will allow the customer to be booked into a reservation for as long as their membership allows.

Note. A reservation books a customer into classes on a 5 week rolling basis by default. At the end of the current week they'll be booked into the next week in the sequence automatically. If you want the customer to be booked into more than 5 weeks at a time just let us know and we can make a change on the backend for you.

If you'd like customers with reservations to have priority bookings over customers booking ad-hoc classes, we recommend changing your Registrations open setting from Settings>>Registration so that the setting is less than the number of weeks the reservation books in advance i.e. if the reservation books 5 weeks in advance set registrations for ad-hoc bookings to open 4 weeks, or 28 days.

You can manage all recurring reservations from one place. This includes adding new recurring reservations, editing existing reservations, tracking who has a recurring reservation and more. You'll find these options under Classes>>Reservations.

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