🎥 Editing, cancelling, and deleting recurring class reservations (w/ VIDEO)

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🎥 Watch the tutorial


📕 Read the tutorial

There are two ways to edit recurring reservations:

From the customer's profile

Head to Customers >> Customer List >> search the customer >> click on the customer's 'Registrations' tab. From here, you will be able to select the recurring reservation you would like to edit.

Click edit, where you will be able to update the recurring reservation start date and the total number of weeks the reservation recurs.

You can also cancel a recurring reservation by ending it immediately.

From Classes/Appointments >> Registrations 

Head to Classes >> Reservations. 

If a reservation is still editable you will see a drop-down option beside it. It won't be editable if it has been completed, for example.


You can also delete the reservation, but only if it has not yet begun. Deleting will completely remove the reservation from the system.

You have a couple of options when editing a recurring reservation.

  • Start date - edit the date the reservation begins.
  • Duration - Change when the reservation ends. It may be that you want to end it immediately if for example, a customer leaves your business.