Upgrade or downgrade a membership on behalf of a customer

Why can't I see the downgrade and upgrade options in a customer's membership? How much do customers pay when they're upgraded or downgraded?

Your members are able to upgrade and downgrade memberships themselves. However, you can also change customers' monthly membership plans on their behalf.

💡Upgrades and downgrades do not currently remove any future bookings made with the previous membership. Future bookings should be removed manually if required. 

In this guide, we'll cover:

How to upgrade a customer's membership

To upgrade or downgrade a customer's membership from your end, head to your customer's membership tab (Customers >> Customer List >> search customer) and locate the membership that the customer wishes to upgrade or downgrade from.

On the detail page for this membership, click either the 'Upgrade' or 'Downgrade' button, depending on the action the customer wishes to make:


❗️An upgrade will start immediately after completing the upgrade form unless you change the start date*.

*Note. The system will calculate any first payment owed. Keep reading for more information on how this payment is calculated!

How much does the customer pay when they're upgraded?

As previously mentioned, a membership upgrade starts on the day of purchase, i.e., the date you perform the upgrade, unless the start date is changed manually.

If an upgrade is performed mid-way through a customer's billing cycle, then that customer is likely to be entitled to credit towards their first payment. Let's take a look at how this works!

Using the example in the screenshot above, the customer pays £90 each month for the original membership, and the billing cycle runs from 16th-15th each month.

- The upgrade is actioned on 20th of the month, and the first payment = £100.
- The customer has overpaid for their previous membership by 26 days.
- The total this equates to will be credited and taken off the first payment of the membership upgrade = £78.69.
- £100 (first payment) - £78.39 (credit) = £21.61 first payment total.

Lastly, you will need to choose one of the following payment options:

  • If the customer has an existing card or Direct Debit, you will be able to use that for the new membership.
  • Or you can defer adding a payment if you do not know the customer's card details. This will prompt the customer to add a payment method from their TeamUp account
  • Or you can add a new payment method the customer would like to use for this upgraded/downgraded membership:


How to downgrade a customer's membership

Downgrades start at the end of the billing cycle unless the start date is changed.

❗️Important. There are no prorated calculations on first payments, so if you change the start date of the downgrade, you should also review the first payment amount total and adjust accordingly*. 

You will also have the option to add an expiry date to the upgraded membership if you wish.

You will also see options to apply a discount code and view the total of recurring membership payments, as well as any prorated first payment.

*Note. You are able to override both the Recurring Payment and the First Payment amounts.


Why can't I see the 'Upgrade' and 'Downgrade' buttons in a customer's membership?

If these buttons aren't visible in your customer's membership, it's usually due to one of these reasons:

The customer has too many recurring reservations

Let's say that your customer's current membership allows them 3 classes per week, and they have a recurring reservation for each class, i.e., 3 recurring reservations. 

They want to downgrade to a membership that allows 2 classes per week, so you head to their membership to do the downgrade, but the 'Downgrade' button isn't showing. This is due to them having more recurring reservations than the new membership would allow.

In order to downgrade their membership, you would have to cancel at least one of their reservations (you can do this from their profile >> Registrations tab >> click the reservation you want to cancel >> click 'Delete'). Once you've done this, head back to the customer's membership - the 'Downgrade' option will now be visible.

The customer doesn't have a recurring membership

Downgrades and upgrades are only available for recurring memberships, so if a customer has a pack or a prepaid plan, these options won't show in their membership.

Instead, you'll need to manually cancel their pack or prepaid plan and then add the new recurring membership to their profile (you can adjust the price on their new membership if needed).

You're trying to upgrade or downgrade them from a recurring membership to a pack or a prepaid plan

Upgrades and downgrades can only be actioned between recurring memberships. It's not possible to upgrade or downgrade a recurring membership to a pack or a prepaid plan

Instead, you'll need to manually cancel their recurring membership and then add the new pack or prepaid plan to their profile (you can adjust the price on their new membership if needed).

Why can't my customers see the 'Upgrade' and 'Downgrade' buttons on the customer site?

This can happen for one of the reasons mentioned above or because the membership they're trying to upgrade or downgrade from or to only allows customers to purchase by contacting the business*.

*To check if your membership is set to 'contact us to purchase', head to Memberships >> Memberships >> click the membership name >> General - Customer purchases. If you need to change this setting, simply click 'Edit' to choose the "Customers can purchase this plan themselves" option.

If your memberships can only be purchased by contacting the business, you'll need to action the upgrade or downgrade for your customers, as seen above.